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Social, Digital & Content Strategy

Creating impact using the right channels

The role of Social, Digital & Content strategy is threefold: to create, nurture and protect audience relationships and your reputation.

The world of Social Media and Digital Communication is the place where creative possibilities are endless, impactful innovation is continuous and where the possibility to engage directly with your audience is often unique for organizations and brands.

This world also offers more information than we can bear, information that we consume in an ever distracted state of mind. During breakfast, while commuting to work and even in the 30 seconds before a new episode of our favorite Netflix series starts. Therefore, you need to set yourself apart with scroll-stopping content, that stands out and has relevance for your audience. Whether it’s useful, entertaining, recognizable or tapping into the conversation of the day: it should spark an emotion.

To protect you from becoming a ‘one-hit wonder’, we believe in programs composed to deliver over time and across a variety of audiences. Differentiation between audiences, channels and content creates the highest relevance, while central content pillars secure consistency. Key elements of our content strategy are a dependable drumbeat, a catchy chorus (tentpole) and an appealing apotheosis (‘big bang’ epic).

For B2C, B2B and B2G clients, we are experts in:

  • Content strategy
  • Content planning and management
  • Social Media strategy
  • Social listening
  • Digital public affairs
  • Social crisis management
  • Thought leadership on social
  • Social profiling and personal branding of executives and subject matter experts
  • Content creation and production
  • Influencer relationships and marketing
  • Innovative content strategy and campaigns (e.g. VR, AR, podcasts, chatbots)
  • Digital amplification and advertising
  • Training, workshops and inspiration sessions.
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